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How to commission an artist

How to commission an artist

Commission a Christmas Gift this year!

It’s 1 month till Christmas…

  • Struggling to think of something special?
  • Can’t think of something different?
  • Want to give a unique and personalised gift?

Commissioning a piece of art is a great gift idea for your special person

If you haven’t commissioned anything before – here are a few tips:

  • Give me a general description of what you might like
  • Or if you’re completely lost, leave that part up to me and just tell me about the person
    • Their personality
    • If they have any personal effects that they love – such as a necklace, item of clothing,
    • If there are any flowers or animals, you associate with them
    • Colours that come to mind when you think of them
    • Things that they value in their lives
  • Let me know your budget – I can work with you and create something special no matter your Christmas budget

As a quick example – I put this together about my lovely sister Pam (thanks Pam!)



  • Artwork will be posted at the latest 2 weeks before Christmas – that way we can be sure it will arrive on time
  • Christmas commissions must be ordered by the 30th November
  • (I can only do some many, so get in touch asap if you’re interested!)
  • Comment below if you have any questions
  • Use the Contact Me page to get in touch

Otherwise – maybe check out the shop and see if you fancy anything there =)

Katherine Evelyn


P.S. For further info and detailed guide – check out DevianArt: How to Commission an Artist
Or Melissa Findley’s “A “Newbie’s” Guide to Commissioning Artwork”


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